• Vintage photo studio that captures Indonesian culture

    romantisme indonesia tempo doeloe




    ( by booking )

    SENIN, KAMIS - SABTU 09.00 - 20.30

    SELASA - RABU 09.00 - 19.00

    MINGGU 09.00 - 15.00




    ( by booking )

    SETIAP HARI 10.00 - 19.00

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  • Questions

    How long does it take for the photoshoot?

    It depends on how many people to be photographed, for less than 10 people it takes about 30 minutes (dressing, shooting, selecting pictures).


    Do we get a printed copy?

    No, you only get soft copy in high resolution (CD).


    How big the resolution we will get?

    You will get 8 Mb to 12 Mb (you can print up to 4 meters length).


    Do you sell vintage wooden frame?

    Yes, for size 24R (60 cm x 90 cm) and 16R (40 cm x 60 cm).


    Does the costume included in the package?

    Yes, it does as well as the props and accessories.


    Does the makeup and hairdo included?

    No, it doesn't. Due to our vintage theme, we recommend not to wear any makeup to create a daily life look back in the day.

  • Studione Sinten

    Vintage photo studio that captures Indonesian culture

    Didirikan oleh Lukman Sinara sejak Juli 2013 Sudio photo yang bertema tradisional Indonesia tempo doeloe mengangkat nuansa Indonesia antara 1920 - 1970. Ada unsur pengenalan, pembelajaran, dan pengalaman tentang budaya Indonesia khususnya untuk cara berpakaian, perabot & aksesoris, pose berfoto dengan tata cara dan gaya sesuai pakaian daerah yang di kenakan. Bahkan properti yang dipakai juga original sehingga menghadirkan nuansa 3D dengan pencahayaan yang natural.

    Lukman Sinara is the founder of this Indonesian vintage photo studio that visualized Indonesia between 1920-1970. Some key points to be achieved such as introduction, learning, and experience about Indonesian culture in the way to dress, understand about the furniture and the accessories around that period, as well as how to pose and act that link into the local culture.